Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Book Clubs

Kaleb and Noe are in a book club in their class, so now I get to read for TWO book clubs myself!

Fairest, was October's book and it is a fun and interesting take on the classic Snow White.

Helen Keller's The Story Of My Life is November's selection. I read all 3 parts, the original story, followed by Helen's letters, and concluding with her teacher Anne Sullivan's letters. I am simply amazed by both of these women!

Of couse, I have more titles on my nightstand than I can keep up with, but I'm excited to read the above 3.

This was Kaleb and Noe's first book club selection. Each day we'd read a new chapter together. The 3 of us would take turns reading each page. This story is set during the Holocaust and told through a child's eyes. I read it for my Children's Literature class back in the day and really enjoyed it then. I enjoyed it again with my own kids, but it was a tough read somedays. Both of the kids cried during parts and several times Noe came to me after she was tucked into bed at night asking questions about death. She was so worried that she would never see me again after I die. I told her that is the beauty of the gospel- that families can be together forever!

This month the kids are reading Sarah, Plain and Tall. Last year, Kaleb and I read it together along with Caleb's tory. This year we want to read all 5 books in the series. The only problem is that we've only been able to get 4 of the titles from the library. We need to find More Perfect Than The Moon!

We own the first 2 movies, and yes this is where I got my son, Kaleb's name. The actor playing Caleb here was just so cute that when I watched these movies as a teenager I decided I wanted a Kaleb of my own someday. I just learned that Winter's End existed, so now I must find it too!