Thursday, September 17, 2009

Judge a Book by its Cover!

So, I haven't kept up on the books I've read this year and wanted to add them here since I gave up on Good Reads. Maybe one will peak your curiosity?

The Actor and the Housewife-
I'm not sure if I liked this book or not. I bawled, bawled, bawled my eyes out though. My friend Mary and I have been having our own mini book group discussion about it for the past couple of days. I can't wait to hear everyone else's thoughts about it next week.

This is by the author that will finish Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. My brother sent Len an autographed copy of it. I wasn't sure I would like it since it said "Sci Fi" on the cover, but I really enjoyed it. I would label it as "Fantasy Fiction," but I'm not a publisher. Their alternate universe was very interesting. I would love to be Siri for a day!

Next to Mexico-
This is the cutest little book about the cutest little 6th grader with buck teeth. My friend Leslie lent it to me this summer and guess what? it's written by another girl I went to high school with. Isn't that so cool? Way to go Jenny!

Traditions- Creating Memories to Draw your Family Close
My friend Amanda told me about this book and I had to get it. It's chock full o' great ideas for the holidays and every day. Love it!

101 Expert Solutions for Scrapbooking-
I used to scrapbook. I thought I would do it forever. I miss it and hope to still do a little here and there. Once upon a time I entered Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest. I didn't win, but I collected all 9 special issues. Last year they didn't do a special issue, but made this publication instead. Since I like round numbers I bought it, but I'm done collecting now.

The Dragon Reborn-
Book 3 in "The Wheel of Time" series. I've got 8 more books to get through written by the original author and then we'll see how many books it takes for the new author to finish the story. I'm enjoying it though. Alternate universes are fun to visit!

I have the first 2 books in paperback, but I couldn't wait for this one. I checked out the hardcover from the kids' school in Taiwan. An interesting little trilogy, and I thought the Inkheart movie wasn't too bad either. Now I want to see The Thief Lord's movie version.

Rise of the Evening Star-
Fablehaven book 2. These books are kind of the opposite of Harry Potter- instead of having magical experiences during the school year, 2 siblings experience these adventures during the summer. I would like to visit Fablehaven too someday.

Grip of the Shadow Plague-
Fablehaven book 3. This series gets better and better with each book. They're fun little reads. I enjoy Juvenile Literature because they usually have interesting stories without all the unnecessary adult stuff.

Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary-
Fablehaven book 4. Again, I bought the previous books in paperback, but I don't want to wait to read this. Our local library doesn't have it yet either, but I can order it. I should go do that right now!