Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Summer Reading

So I know this is supposed to be my craft blog, but since I've been pregnant it's turned into my reading blog. I do have a couple of projects almost done (Teague's 1st year baby book, and some Halloween & Thanksgiving crafts), that I will post once they're completed. Until then, here's some more titles.

We've already chosen baby #5's name, but I'm reading this book for the 3rd time just in case.

I think it's been a year since I finished book 4 in The Wheel of Time series, so I decided it was finally time to pick up book 5.

This is our book club selection for August (we don't meet in July). I already have a copy to read and am looking forward to starting it.

For September, we're doing the whole Chronicle of Narnia series, so I'll start reading them again this summer. I've read them in published order and chronological order. I think I might prefer them in published order. Which do you prefer?

My friend Rhonda gave me a couple of thrillers to read.

Let's see if I'm brave enough to read them!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Titles

Last month, Marsha played a joke on us saying that the book she recommended for Book Club was 100% Gleek. I've never seen the show (but I loved my years in my high school's show choir- Spectrum), so I decided to read it. It was a yearbook about all the characters and Season 1. Part of me wishes I could get into the show, but I don't think I could come in for Season 3.

This was the real title Marsha chose, Chosen-the lost diaries of Queen Esther. It was a very interesting read. It really portrayed how Esther gave up her personal dreams to fulfill the will of Heavenly Father. I find that hard to do sometimes in my own life, but I am trying.

A Thousand Tomorrows is the title for June. I'm still in line for it from the library. I can't wait for summer and will hopefully get lots of titles under my belt while the kids play outside- tee hee!