Thursday, December 25, 2008

Gingerbread House

This week we attempted to make a Gingerbread House, but unfortunately the roof caved in on us, so we just decorated 2-dimensional houses. Maybe next year we'll try again, or maybe we'll do what we did last year and just decorate sugar cookies to look like Gingerbread Houses and Gingerbread People!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pin the Nose?

This week we celebrated Gavin's 2nd birthday! At playgroup I got out our birthday clown (that I made for Kaleb & Noe's 5th birthday) for the kids to play with. There are 10 different colored noses to "pin" on him. Since Gavin and his gang are 2, I didn't blind-fold or spin them, I just let them "decorate" the clown however they wanted. They did get one nose in the right spot, and then put the rest all over his face like colored chicken pox. It was fun!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


After my kids saw the Santa frame I made for the craft exchange last week, they wanted me to make one for us- so that's what I did this week. You can see that this Santa is a bit bigger though. Last week, I shrunk the pattern down to an 6 x 8 size, so it would all fit in the 5 x 7 frame. This week, I forgot to do that and made it full-size. Luckily, with a little shifting around it still fit in the frame. I originally painted the frame red, and in green & yellow painted "Be Merry" with polka dots on it. I wasn't crazy about the finished product, so I re-painted it solid green.

I made this Easter frame for an Enrichment class I taught in 2007. I also made the goal to make a new holiday frame for each month. Now I have 2 down, and 10 to go!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Craft Exchange

My friend, Julie hosted a fun Ladies Night on Wednesday. We each brought a homemade craft and then had a little exchange. As we came in we put a number on our gift and then a matching number in a bowl. We took turns drawing numbers out of the bowl, and then we got the corresponding gift.

I made the Santa frame that my friend, Leone took home.

I took home these beautiful wise men that my friend, Chiu-yi made.

At the party we also made these cute little sheepy ornaments. It will be fun to make more with the kids!

She also made us a yummy dinner. She served 3 delicious soups with fresh bread. I can't forget the appetizers though, cruncy veggies & dip, and my favorite- 7 layer bean dip with tortilla chips. She also sent us home with a plate full of goodies. I adore homemade cookies and candy! It was a great night spent with friends: Julie, Leone, Chiu-yi, Rachelle, Amanda, Carrie, Wanda, Lori, Mary, Kay, Nicole, and me!