Monday, November 15, 2010

Candies and Cookies and Cupcakes- oh flop?

I was in total awe last year, when I read this Candyland post at Bakerella. I could never have anything so extravagant as that (except in my dreams), but I was still inspired to make some fun new ornaments for our tree in the playroom.
I drew up sketches, colored them, made patterns, then set to work making 36 new decorations for the tree.

Some gingerbread boys and girls.

Some peppermint candies and lollipops.

Some cupcakes and ice cream cones.

In my mind's eye they were to-die-for cute, so I was really disappointed when the real things fell short of my expectations. I am such a perfectionist and have already thought of new patterns to make so they will be even better. My husband and children think they're adorable, so I'm trying to accept that good is okay- perfection is nearly impossible.
*This makes me think of another internal battle I've had this year- Perfectionism versus Good Enough. I was taught if you're going to do something, do it well- otherwise why bother doing it? I want everything I do to be done to the best of my abilities. However, there are too many things I want to get done, so I can't make everything as perfect as I would like. I was talking to my friend, Mary about this and she said not everything she does deserves her best. There is simply not enough hours in the day, so she accepts that some things she does will just be done good enough and she is happy with that. My problem is that I am not happy with that. I guess I'm a glass half-empty girl afterall. I really want to be a half-full girl though and I will try to be happy with my "good enough."

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K Hiskey said...

They are adorable! Cut yourself some slack...done is better than perfect and lessons learned go into the next go round. As I have always said to my family, enjoy the street you're on.