Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sharing Traditions

My sister-in-law's sweet mother made this Christmas album for Len & I for our 2nd Christmas (1998). I was big into scrapbooking then, and had visions of filling this book with pictures of our family through the years. Well that never happened, and I'm not so much into scrapbooking anymore. Back in 2002, I saw my friend's 24 Days of Christmas book and asked if I could copy it. It has become a yearly favorite since then.

So what's inside? Each day has a Christmas scripture, song, and story. I've also made a title page for each day that has a picture of our special Hallmark ornament representing that year. It's like our family has Family Home Evening every night from December 1st- 24th. And our children really do enjoy it as much as we do!

My mom is the Relief Society President in her ward, and asked if I could send her the book file so they can do it at Super Saturday. Unfortunately, when I re-typed the whole book in Taiwan I didn't save the file. Since I had to make a hard copy for her, I decided to make a cute book for her too! Now I need to make a book for my dad and all 11 of our siblings.

I wish I had a digital file to share with others, but if you live in my neighborhood stop by anytime and I'll lend you my new Master Set to copy. Warning: It's 150 pages of quality family bonding.

***2012 update:  My mom scanned her copy and shared the files with me, so if you'd like a copy leave me a message and I'll email it to you!

Favorite Summer Salad

You can actually eat this salad year-round, but it's so much better in the summer with ingredients fresh from the garden. Not my garden (which is non-existant), but a few of my friends were very generous with their bounteous harvest this year and we loved it!

Basic Greek Salad:
Diced Tomatoes
Diced Cucumbers
Sliced Olives
Feta Cheese
Greek Seasoning

I could eat this salad everyday and not feel guilty since I don't put any salad dressing on it- delish!