Friday, April 25, 2008

It's not just a bling thing

This week my project was jewelry again, but I promise I will do a variety of crafts for this blog. Anyway, today the Activity Day boys (our ward doesn't have a cub scout program, so I get the girls & boys, however I currently have no girls participating) are coming over. I wanted them to make something nice for Mother's Day so I came up with this simple pearl and birthstone-colored crystal bead bracelet. Each bracelet will be customized with their family members' birthstone colors. Hopefully, the boys will enjoy making them and their mom's will enjoy wearing them. We're also going to make home-made cards and talk about the 2,000 Stripling Warriors and their mothers.

If you're curious to the birthstones I selected to use they are: Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Alexandrite, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Citrine, and Topaz. The spacer crystals are in Opal. I wish I could have found more elegant clasps, but these casual ones will just have to do.

Thank you to Leslie, Natalie, Suzi, and Chris for commenting about my new blog. I drew a name for the Copper Penny jewelry and NATALIE you're the winner! Congrats!
The Activity was a success and I decided to add pictures of the card sample I had the boys make too. Remember, I had 8-11 year old boys in mind so I kept it simple. I just had them write a cute greeting on the front, then on the inside left they put each family member's name and birthdate with coordinating birthstone color beside it, on the inside right they made a bouquet with their family's birthstone colors, and they signed and dated the back. It was a great Activity for me and them, and hopefully their moms will feel special too!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Love to Sparkle

Last night was Ladies Night and it was our best ever (with 18 friends attending- wahoo!) We discussed our book selection of the month, The Shadow of the Wind, and we made jewelry! My very talented friend Courtney designed 5 different pieces that we could choose from to make. I made Amethyst Rocks (bracelet and earrings)...

Lollipop Summer (necklace and bracelet)...

and Chinese Stretchy (bracelet). I enjoy wearing jewelry and think it's fun to make my own.

I also won one of her giveaways Copper Penny (necklace and earrings). I recently bought the exact same set, so I thought I'd "share the love" and give it away to one of my blog friends. If you'd like to win it please leave me a comment telling me what your favorite hobby is. I'm planning on posting a new creation each Friday, so I will do the drawing for this cute set on the 25th. Good luck!

I'm a little crafty

I was born of a creative mother, who was born of a creative mother, who was born of a creative mother. I guess it's in my blood, because I LOVE all things artsy/crafty! I am expert at nothing, but I am interested in everything!

Over the years I've taken classes in: Calligraphy, Interior Design, Basket Weaving, Floral Arranging, Ceramics, Tole Painting, Scrapbooking, and Jewelry Making. The holidays are my favorite and I love to make fun decorations and bake yummy treats to help celebrate them. I've created a line of 16 doll characters and written the first story about them. Someday I want to pursue having the dolls manufactured and my stories published. Someday I also want to take photography, oil painting, cooking, and sewing classes too.

Lately, I've been stuck in a rut though. I have all these big dreams of things I want to do, but then I get bogged down in trying to prioritize which things I should start with. I decided to create this blog to kick my bum into gear. I'm not going to worry about which projects I should do first. I just want to choose a project each week that I want to work on, and then finish it! I'll get more done if I stop thinking about it and just do it. I now have the goal of wanting to post something new each week to keep me working!