Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Novel to Film

My friend Marsha lent me this book and as I knew I would, I LOVED it! I'm so excited it's being made into a movie. Obviously, this is a book that makes you think. My own grandmother was raised on a tobacco farm in Kentucky and her family had "help". My mother grew up in Dayton, Ohio (one of the most racist cities in the US) during integration. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and attended school with students from 109 different ethnic groups. Each of us has our own stories. I loved the point of the book though- we are just 2 women, there are no lines between us except the ones we create.

I am a fan of Jane Austen's, but I have only read "Pride and Prejudice". I must admit that I prefer watching her tales on the big screen. They were written as novels, but I enjoy them like I enjoy Shakespeare- acted out.

I've been wanting to read works by the Bronte Sisters for years now. Well, Marsha lent me the movie of "Jane Eyre" and I decided that now I'll watch the stories from the other 2 sisters too!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Original Fashions

My friend Jenn found her mom's sewing machine in the basement and decided to teach herself how to sew. She's created some really cute things including this dress for Noe!

She also made me the cutest maternity swim suit ever (I plan on wearing it when I'm not pregnant too!).

You can see more of her creations at Ginger Fashions on my sidebar under "Jewelry-Accesory Bling."