Monday, February 8, 2010

New Beginnings

For our New Beginnings in Young Women's, the Beehive class took charge, and I was asked to do the decorations. We had a "Once upon a Time" theme, and I solicited the help from a talented artist I know named Leonard Reil.

This is the 7 foot tall, 5 foot wide poster Len drew for us. It took him 4 nights. He was going to paint it too, but I went ahead and did it for him one day (it only took me 7 hours!) We will recycle it though for Noe's birthday party.

I also made these tissue paper flowers. The first batch of 20 took me 2 hours, but I got faster with the second batch and finished them in an hour and a half. I'll be recycling these and making more for our Stake Fabulous Friday, later this month.

Our beautiful Princesses- Carolynn, Katie, Jenn, Sierra, Tori, Anngela, Tasha, & Julia with our Bishop. Dayna and Christina came later, but unfortunately I couldn't get another group shot. These girls are great!

The program consisted of a darling skit put on by the Beehives, an introduction to our new Personal Progress program by the Beehive Counselor, a few words from me on this year's theme, a few words from the Bishop, and then dessert! Each girl received their new Personal Progress books and a board to hang in their room with this year's theme from Joshua 1:9, "Be Strong and of a Good Courage." I think this theme was chosen just for me. I feel so weak and afraid and get anxiety all the time these days. I'm trying my best to be strong though!

"Value"able Bracelet

For one of our Young Women's Activities in January, I brought my slew of beads from Taiwan for the girls to make bracelets. I made this one for myself with all the value colors. Here's what the colors stand for:
White- Faith
Blue- Divine Nature
Red- Individual Worth
Green- Knowledge
Orange- Choice & Accountability
Yellow- Good Works
Purple- Integrity
Gold- Virtue
My body may be aging, but I'm still a Young Woman at heart.