Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I heart dollies!

I was at Toys 'R Us the other day, and look who I saw...the original Strawberry Shortcake doll! She was in a box with her friends Raspberry Tart and Orange Blossom celebrating their 30th birthday. I was so tempted to buy them, but as I had all 3 of them as a child I couldn't bring myself to buy them again. But oh, how I loved all of my Strawberry Shortcake dollies back in the day. She has changed her look through the years and I thought you might enjoy a little fashion show. She was originally drawn by Muriel Fahrion for American Greetings. She became so popular that Kenner manufactured her as a doll with all of her friends.

In 1991 THQ redesigned her. I think I remember seeing her at the toy store when I was a teenager, thinking that she was cuter than the version I had.

In 2002, Bandai took over and I was thrilled as that was the year my own daughter was born, and I couldn't wait for her to be big enough to play with the dolls.

By the time she was big enough to play with them (2006), Playmates Toys had taken over and these are the dolls my daughter has.

Last year, Hasbro took over and the new dolls are super cute!

*Not only did I love Strawberry Shortcake as a kid, but of course Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears, Poochie, My Little Pony, and lots more!

It's so fun to have a daughter to get to play dolls with. I love all of her dollies too- the Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends, Snap 'n Style Dolls, Yummi-Land Dolls, Littlest Pet Shop, Hello Kitty, and lots more too!

*I did design my own line of dolls back in 2005. I have an entire portfolio of sketches and my first story written about them to prove it- ha ha! But, the portfolio is sitting on the shelf waiting for the day when I can work in the Toy Industry- sigh! I haven't given up my dreams though yet. Long live cute dollies!!

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