Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Club Titles

This was one of my favorite movies during my BYU days, so I was so excited when it was our book club title for March. I loved it! And can't wait to watch the movie again! My friend Laura gave me this book and I also read it while we were on vacation. An interesting little murder mystery. I'm curious about the movie The Black Swan now even though they are different stories I'm sure. This month's book club title was Room, and I'm so glad my friend Marsha got a copy of it off the library express shelf and that I got a chance to read it before it was due back. Otherwise, I'd probably get if from the library sometime next year. Very interesting. I knew the whole plot of this book before I read it, but I won't say a word except, you should read it. The alternate title for this month, that I am anxiously waiting for from the library.
I'm also waiting for this from the library to read with Kaleb and Noe for their book club.

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