Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gettin' in the mood!

I receive e-mails from the Trendy Tree and I just received word about the new 2011 line from RAZ. Here are my top 5 (out of about 85) favorite Christmas trees: Christmas Tapestry (I actually just love the HUGE nativity set in the background). Winter Palace- love the white and gold. No peeking- I've always loved red and green, but I'm really loving the addition of the light green. Frostyland- who doesn't love snowmen and snowflakes?
Gumdrops and Jellybeans- okay, I want to live in this candyland, it's just SO dang cute!

I'm really in the mood to make up some Christmas crafts!!

This is the second blog post that is screwing up the placement of the words with the pictures. What's up blogger?

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