Friday, May 16, 2008

Graduation Gift

When each of my Smith siblings graduated I made them a huge picture frame filled with 4 of their Senior pictures decorated all cutesy-scrapbook style. As each of my Lee siblings has graduated I made them a mini-scrapbook of all of their school pictures. My baby brother, Kristopher is the last one and he graduates next month (I just can't believe it, I watched him be born when I was 14). Anyway, this week I've been working on his scrapbook. The pages are very simple, but hopefully he will like it nonetheless!

The front and back cover pages.

His toddler and pre-school pictures.

Elementary School days.

Middle School days.

Basketball teams.

*I still need to make 3 more lay-outs- High School, Cap & Gown, and School Dances. However, I'll have to make those when I'm home and I finally get the rest of the pictures for them.
**Sorry my pictures of the pages are grainy again, but I think they're easier to see than the ones with the flash glare. Someday I will take a photography class!

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