Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Pretty Little House

Last summer, Gramma bought a dollhouse like this for Noe (and all her future granddaughters) to play with at her house. Noe liked it so much Gramma wanted to send it home with her, but it was just too big to get on the plane. This past spring Noe got her very own dollhouse for her birthday.

When Gramma came to visit in the spring, I commented on how I wish I lived in a perfect little dollhouse. Gramma responded that I did. That made me smile.

Home Sweet Home! My home may not be a "dream" house, but right now it is the home of our dreams. We've lived here for 2 years now. Our first summer we were busy unpacking. Last summer I was busy finishing up all the decorating. This summer I have been busy going through each room top to bottom. I've gone through every closet, drawer, cupboard, and cabinet clearing away the junk. I still have the 2 storage rooms in the basement to do, plus the garage, shed, and dreaded file cabinets. Wish me luck to get it all done before summer is over!

I love hanging a wreath for each season.

Entry way.

The hall.

The stairs.

Laundry room.

Powder room.

Living room.

Dining room.


Family room.

Master bedroom.

En suite.

The big boy's room.

The little boys' room.

The girl's room.

The kids' bathroom.

The rec room- library.

The rec room- office.

The rec room- guest room (hide-a-bed).

The rec room- play room.

Our tiny backyard.

Our big family vehicle.

*I am so grateful for our home and most especially for our family that lives here!


Erick Bush said...

Every corner of the house shows personality. Your grandma was right about you living in a dollhouse-like home. How long has that tree been there? I noticed that it's blocking some of details of your house. I can't tell you to cut it down, because at some point it has an advantage. It could be a shed and a good source of fresh air, but I wish it was placed at the backyard. Anyway, good job on keeping the house! Your hubby and the kids must be proud.

Erick Bush

Jen Reil said...

Thanks for the comment Erick. Just curious as to how you came across my blog =).