Thursday, July 14, 2011

From Novel to Film

My friend Marsha lent me this book and as I knew I would, I LOVED it! I'm so excited it's being made into a movie. Obviously, this is a book that makes you think. My own grandmother was raised on a tobacco farm in Kentucky and her family had "help". My mother grew up in Dayton, Ohio (one of the most racist cities in the US) during integration. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and attended school with students from 109 different ethnic groups. Each of us has our own stories. I loved the point of the book though- we are just 2 women, there are no lines between us except the ones we create.

I am a fan of Jane Austen's, but I have only read "Pride and Prejudice". I must admit that I prefer watching her tales on the big screen. They were written as novels, but I enjoy them like I enjoy Shakespeare- acted out.

I've been wanting to read works by the Bronte Sisters for years now. Well, Marsha lent me the movie of "Jane Eyre" and I decided that now I'll watch the stories from the other 2 sisters too!

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