Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another New Year

I'm always sad when we take down our Christmas decorations. To help me feel better, we put our Chinese New Year decorations up right after. This year we added a couple of new things to the mix.

We wish you good fortune in the year of the rabbit!

The rest of the Zodiac animals wait for their turn to be honored.

Our firecrackers are up and we were going to keep the Christmas cards up until the Lunar New Year too, but Teague had other plans. Once he started ripping them off the wall, I took the rest down to go in the scrapbook.

The new additions are the framing of the mini and super mini qipao dresses.

The mini ones in the 11x14 frames are supposed to be used to give gifts of wine in.

The super minis in an 8x10 frame are supposed to be used as cell phone bags. I think they look pretty cute all framed up!

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Lydia said...

Wow..Jen, I love ur decor. BTW, I'm back to be your blog stalker!!! YA and I love it as always. Oh, just about to ask you where you got those mini decor..and you revealed it. I love it, it looks so elagant. I think I'll steal the idea ^^