Friday, January 30, 2009

Love to Color

This week I've been working on our future "house hunt." I went through 12 e-mails of 43 homes and narrowed it down to 8 that we're seriously interested in. I'm sure they'll be sold by the time Len takes his trip in April, but it gives me confidence that we'll be able to find something we can afford and will enjoy living in. I've also done some more searches for furniture. Gotta love IKEA, Costco, and RC Willey. I also made these sketches for some more paintings I want to do. I have two HUGE frames in storage in Canada that I want to fill up with these:

I want to make the basement into our playroom. Since there's usually not a lot of natural light underground, I want to do it in bright spring colors with lots of whimsical patterns- you know my "Cirque du Soleil" theme.

Here's a fun rug in the bright colors too.

For our family room upstairs I want to do warm fall colors. Let's face it- Canadian winters are freezing and they last forever! I want lots of warmth and coziness in our home!

I also like the colors in this painting.

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