Thursday, December 11, 2008


After my kids saw the Santa frame I made for the craft exchange last week, they wanted me to make one for us- so that's what I did this week. You can see that this Santa is a bit bigger though. Last week, I shrunk the pattern down to an 6 x 8 size, so it would all fit in the 5 x 7 frame. This week, I forgot to do that and made it full-size. Luckily, with a little shifting around it still fit in the frame. I originally painted the frame red, and in green & yellow painted "Be Merry" with polka dots on it. I wasn't crazy about the finished product, so I re-painted it solid green.

I made this Easter frame for an Enrichment class I taught in 2007. I also made the goal to make a new holiday frame for each month. Now I have 2 down, and 10 to go!

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