Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place!

I am an organized person by nature. You could say I even have OCD tendencies. However, since I've become a mother I've slowly had to just let some things go for my sanity's sake. So, instead of re-organizing the toys, books, clothes, etc. every day I go through the whole house once a year. And I mean the WHOLE house- every drawer, cupboard, shelf, cabinet, closet, toy bin, dresser, bookcase, nightstand, basket, file cabinet, you get the picture, and our car. Well, last year came and went and I never did my huge dejunking. Having active Gavin with me all day long, and having Kaleb's sports every single Saturday, it just kept being put on the backburner. This week I decided it was high time to get things ship-shape (maybe because my parents are coming next week?). Anyway, I worked hard this week and went through every room, except the office (as it is also our guest room where Kris is staying, so I will do it after my family leaves). I was able to get rid of 25 bags of stuff!!! Most of it was clothes we had outgrown that we donated to a children's orphanage. There were also a lot of toys that I bagged up and put in our storage room until the school's yearly flea market rolls around. I wish I could take it all down to a thrift store now and be rid of it, but those don't exist in this country. I can't bring myself to throw it all away though, as the flea market does raise money for the PTA which then buys cool things for the school that my kids get to use. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me, it feels great! Now if I can just keep up on everything a little better this year, hopefully next year our closets, etc. won't be bursting at the seams again.

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