Friday, September 5, 2008

A bit of Whimsy

I want our future home to have something whimsical in every room. For example, a statue of a small harlequin dressed clown in the living room or a colorful rooster in the kitchen. I also want something homemade in each room. After all that's what makes a house a home right?

4 years ago we moved from our apartment to our townhouse in Canada. The twins were moving from cribs to beds, and from sharing a room to having their own. I wanted to make each of their rooms special so I painted them each a picture. These pictures combine my love of whimsy with my love for homemade.

Kaleb loves all things transportation, so I painted him this airplane.

Noe loves all things pink, so I painted her these flowers.

When we move again, I want to re-do all of our bedrooms. I would like to change Noe's room from pink, lavender, and light green to pink, black, and white. I sketched this picture that I want to paint for her new room. I love sketching first, because I already want to make some changes. I want all of the flower centers to be black with white swirls. I'm also not sure if I want to raise the center flower to make a more distinct triangle between the 3, or if I want to line them all up right in the middle. Now I have to think of a new theme for the boys' room!

Isn't this pillow adorable? I think it would be so cute in Noe's room!

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