Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Party Planner

After I broke my toe, I watched a lot of David Tutera's show. It must of rubbed off on me, because I was a bit extravagant in decorating Noe and Kaleb's parties (at least compared with my previous standard).

I actually painted this castle for New Beginnings in YW, but I am into recycling- tee hee. I also got a dozen pink, purple, and light pink balloons to tie on each chair and to put on our front porch.

I made another 80 tissue paper flowers, then strung them up into a garland.

The table all ready to open presents and eat cake!

I used pink on top of white table cloths, with these cute pastel plates and napkins.

The piece de resistance, a pink castle cake- voila!

Len drew this pirate ship for me, and I did my best painting it. (I think it turned out pretty cute, actually.) The dozen balloons were blue, red, and light blue this time.

I made pirate flags into a birthday banner.

The table all ready for presents and cake again.

I used red on white table cloths, blue plates, and blue striped napkins.

I'll journey with this ship, right down to my tummy! I made a total of 8 pirate cupcakes for each of the guests too.
*Both of these parties had games & prizes (musical chairs, pass the parcel, and pin the nose on the clown), but the main activity was a scavenger hunt. My husband made up 8 darling clues for each group to find their treasure with. Everyone had fun, so I think they were both a success! Now, will I do all this again next year? Kaleb and Noe are worth it, but NO! We're going to rotate each year with a party and an outing with a friend, and even with the parties we're going to rotate with separate ones and parties together- phew!

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