Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goodies for my mind and tum- yum!

I'm behind, but only have time for a quick catch-up.

October's book- really cute. I had seen the animated and live-action movies, but it was sweet to read the real story.

November's book- undecided. I liked the positive female relationships between mothers and daughters, but it had too much creepy stuff in it for me to wholly love it.

December's book- waiting for it from the library. This was a sweet little Christmas story.

January's book- also waiting for it from the library, but this is JK Rowling's favorite book, so I'm really excited to read it! In some ways I loved this book, in other ways it made me mad. I don't like love triangles and I hate it when I finish a book but I still want more closure.

This is the book I got from our White Elephant exchange. I love the title and can't wait to dive in. This book is Trash with a capital T! After I read it, I threw it in my recycle bin because I didn't want to take up space in a landfill with it, but nobody should waste their brain on this story. I wish I didn't.

This is a book I bought for its title! I enjoy my own book club and cookie exchange, so we'll see if this book lives up to its name. This book wasn't as bad as the previous title, but again it reminded me why I usually read Juvenile or Fantasy fiction- fiction for adults always has to have some "adult" content in it that I really don't want to read.

All of the above treats are from goodie exchange #1. After goodie exchange #2 next Friday I'll post more pics and maybe recipes? I might be too busy eating to type though- ha ha!

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