Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Best Creation

I haven't done any crafts for a while, but my body has been working overtime creating a new little body to house one of Heavenly Father's precious spirit children. I am honored and humbled at the amazing calling of "Mother" that I have. One year for Christmas my mom gave me a recipe book she had made with all of my favorite family recipes. On the very first page was a recipe for a "Daughter." Since I am now making a "Son," I wanted to share the recipe here:

1 Year of Breastfeeding
3 Parenting Books
5 1/2 Bedtime Stories
17 Educational Toys
4 Reliable Babysitters
2 Important Talks
5 Sleepover Birthday Parties
18 Years of Education
377 Rides Home

Mix ingredients. Let stand 18-21 years, opening bedroom door occasionally. Release. Hold breath. Results may vary!

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