Friday, November 7, 2008

Puppy Pictures

When I was pregnant with Kaleb & Noe, my visiting teacher gave me this stuffed puppy dog. Each month of their first year I took a picture of them with it to chart their growth. After Gavin was born, I had to do the same for him. Well, now he'll be 2 next month, and baby #4 is already on the way. I really need to finish his baby book. Here's the 1st 3 months:

I worked at a Scrapbook store 7-8 years ago, and during that time I collected A LOT of scrapping supplies. I know they're old school now, but I think they're fine for a baby book. Plus, the way I'm feeling these days- simple is way better! I know the pics of the pages aren't the best quality, but I can't be bothered to scan them in now- sorry. Hopefully, I'll get the next 9 lay-outs done soon.

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hot garlic said...

What a fun idea Jen! When are you guys moving back to Canada? It probably has all of the answers to my questions and more on your family blog but I'm out of time!!

Thanks so much for your comment on support on HG. I so appreciate having readers out there like you who can really gain from it and let me know. It's a huge bonus that I actually know you too! Anyway, it meant so much to me, so thanks!